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Locomotives, Units & Coaching Stock Series (LUCS)
Volume 1 Europe: Privately Owned New Build Locomotives 4th Edition 2017


Volume 2 Germany Privately Owned New Build Multiple Units: 3rd Edition 2020

Price : £15.95 (£12.50 discounted)

So many sets, so many private operators, so many liveries, so many services, and so long since our last edition! Yes, 5 years is far too long to neglect the constantly changing private scene in Germany. However, thanks to the dedication and resourcefulness of John Teasdale we address the deficiency with this latest edition.

The book appears in our now accepted format and the layout is extremely easy on the eye. Also included for the first time is an appendix which incorporates a fleet number to class number convertor, acting as a quick means of identifying a set even if they speed past and not all side numbers can be identified.
Volume 3 Czech Republic & Slovakia: Stock Book 4th Edition 2019


Volume 4 Benelux Coaching Stock 2nd Edition 2015

Price : £7.50 (£5.00 discounted)

It has been nine years since the last Edition of this Publication and our impetus for this new Edition has been prompted by Platform 5 Publishing whom, in their latest Benelux European Handbook, have omitted Coaching Stock. As for all STARS Publications, the contents have been thoroughly researched but any uncertainty is clearly marked in red. It covers the Coaching Stock of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Private Passenger Operating Companies where known.

An additional and beneficial feature is the inclusion of Wagons-Lits vehicles, the record of which is second to none. Some vehicles no longer exist but many can still be found spread all over Europe, and beyond.
Volume 5a Portugal: Full Stock Book 1st Edition 2016


Volume 6a Slovenia: Full Stock Book 1st Edition 2016


Volume 7 Hungary: Locomotives & Coaching Stock Book 1st Edition 2016


Volume 8 British & Irish Railways Preserved, Heritage & Charter Coaching Stock Book 1st Edition 2018

Price : £21.95 (£14.50 discounted) 208 pages

We are delighted to announce this latest addition to the ever-growing library of STARS Publications, this time in glue/stitch format. Whether you are out for the day by train, line-siding or visiting a Preservation location in the UK or Ireland, this publication is the ideal companion to enhance your enjoyment of the day. Once more we are indebted to Brian Davies for bringing into being what is arguably his biggest challenge to date, and in doing so has enlisted the assistance of experts in this field along with quality & reliable publishers. Congratulations have never been more deserved. Enjoy the book and hopefully you may locate that elusive vehicle you missed when it ran in BR service.
Volume 9a Bulgarian Stock Book 2nd Edition 2017




Volume 11 Morocco Stock Book 3rd Edition 2020

Price : £14.95 (£12.00 discounted) 60 pages

Welcome to the Third Edition of the Morocco stock book, the origin of which can be traced back to STARS first ever tours to the country in 2003 and 2004. Prior to that, little was known of the locomotives and units, but almost nothing was known about hauled coaching and departmental stock. In November 2019, STARS returned to Morocco for a third tour and, once again, with a priority to update our information. 'Mission Accomplished' we returned and the fruits of our labours are to be found within the pages of this book. The book is unique in that we know of no other publication available today that brings you the accuracy of data extensively researched in Morocco and correct to the end of May 2020. Despite Adrian’s extensive research and 'legwork' over the years, the production of this book has only been possible as a result of the kind assistance of the following persons and agencies to which we extend our grateful thanks: The book ‘Maghreb Rail’ by Marcel Vleugels reproduced with the kind permission of Marco Van Uden. To the Directors and staff of ONCF Maroc for supplying essential documentary information and allowing us unrestricted access to installations in the country. Last, but by no means least, to Gary Jones for constantly updating, and further researching the information we hold, including the two Tram systems.
NEW Tram & Urban Light Rail Stock Series (TULR)
Volume 1 Germany, Austria & Switzerland 1st Edition 2020

Price : £17.95 (£14.00 discounted) - 148 pages

It was in September 2014 that STARS published the first book in our Trams & Metro Systems Stock Book Series covering Germany. In the three years to follow the series grew to 7 volumes, covering 23 European Countries and proved a very popular and useful addition to our Sales Section. All those early editions were not only compiled but also printed and published by STARS.

However, we have now moved on to a higher standard of presentation, as evidenced by our Locomotives, Units, and Coaching Stock series (L.U.C.S), and when we decided to update the Tram books the perfect opportunity to completely revamp the series presented itself. This is the first in the series which has been fully updated and covers the three main German speaking Nations in Europe. Further volumes will follow appropriately consolidating nations according to close geographical, cultural, or political proximity. Our thanks and appreciation are due to to John Teasdale for the time he has spent on both the extensive research, and the presentation of this book which we hope you find invaluable. Enjoy the book and your travels with it.
Volume 2 Eastern Europe 1st Edition 2021
(Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia & Latvia)

Price : £17.95 (£14.00 discounted) - 118 pages


Welcome to Volume 2 in our new series, Tram and Urban Light Rail - Baltic & Eastern Europe. This is a progression from the original Tram & Metro Systems Stock Book series and covers the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia. The book numbers 118 pages, and is packed with stock listings, data & information, and outstanding photographs from STARS members.

Once again we are indebted to author John Teasdale for giving us the 'where with all' to publish this perfect companion which will enhance enjoyment of your adventures in the countries covered.

Enjoy the book and your travels with it.
Volume 3 France, Benelux & Iberia (Spain & Portugal) 1st Edition

Price : tba

Volume 4 Italy, Romania, Bulgaria & The Balkans 1st Edition

Price : tba

Old Tram & Metro Systems Stock Series (TMCS)
Price : £7.50 (£5.00 discounted)

Volume 2 UK & IRELAND 1st Edition 2014

This publication allows you to occupy your 'Home Time' between STARS tours on the continent. The second in our Tram & Metro Systems Stock Book series, features all locations in the British Isles and Ireland. Not only are all the Tram, Metro and Light Rail systems included but also the complete line-by-line London Transport 'Tube' stock (including Departmentals) and the Stourbridge ULR system. For the first time a complete and comprehensive listing of all is available in this one publication.

Again our author, Brian, is to be applauded for his meticulous research and attention to detail that has resulted in such accuracy.
Price : £7.50 (£5.00 discounted)

Volume 5 Austria, Switzerland & Italy: 1st Edition 2016

It is with much pleasure and pride we launch this fifth book in our European Tram & Metro Stock Book series, taking the total number of countries covered to thirteen. Whilst Austria and Switzerland have been excellently covered by Platform 5 Publishing European Handbooks, the information therein dates back to 2012 and 2009 respectively. This publication brings you up to date on both countries, and includes Italy which has been neglected up until now. Once more we are indebted to Brian Davies for the time and research he has devoted in order to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this book. He is to be congratulated. Enjoy the book, and all your travels with it.
Price : £7.50 (£5.00 discounted)

Volume 6 Spain & Portugal: 1st Edition 2016

This sixth volume of our series listing the Tram and Metro Systems of Europe has reached the Iberian Peninsula and fully covers both Spain and Portugal. Once again this publication owes both its depth and accuracy to Brian Davies who has put so much time into the research and preparation. We are indebted to him and congratulate him on another excellent reference book. We hope this book will become an essential companion when you visit these countries. Enjoy both the countries and the book.
Price : £7.50 (£5.00 discounted)

Volume 7 Poland, Baltic & Balkan: 1st Edition 2017
This seventh volume of our series listing the Tram and Metro Systems of Europe has now reached Poland, the Baltic States and the Balkan States. Once again this publication owes both its depth and accuracy to Brian Davies who has put so much time into the research and preparation. We are indebted to him and congratulate him on another excellent reference book especially given the more difficult research conditions. We hope this book will become an essential companion when you visit these countries. Enjoy both the countries and the book.


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TramLink Official Handbook -->£7.95
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