Please find below our Tour Programme for 2020. You may now book on all tours up until the end of May. Click on the title of each tour to get fuller details, including price and full itineraries. To book on any Tours you must join STARS as a member - rates start from as low as £12.50. It is our intent on all coach tours to use the shuttle in preference to the ferry. If there is a change we will endeavour to let you know as soon as we can. Timing information, pick up points and directions can be found HERE – please do check this document. STARS keep Personal Data in accordance with current legislation. Please acquaint yourself with STARS Terms & Conditions as they do change from time to time.



Please click HERE to print off the postal booking form and also use to pay balances. Please remember to include a s.a.e. if you require a receipt of payment and remember to use a standard sized envelope. A reminder to our SILVER STARS members – you can only book and pay balances on Tours using the Bank Transfer Facility.


Please make note that it is one payment form per tour (you can continue to pay membership on the same form at the same time). Please click HERE for the form. This can also be used for balances and personal information changes. Please follow all instructions on the form or else loss of booking and payment may result. As you can view your bank statements yourself no acknowledgement will be given for receipt of payment.

Whichever option you choose, bookings made will only be accepted when made on the relevant forms as listed above. Emergency contact details are mandatory, and must be given at the time of booking any Tour.

Tour Dates Information
LILLE Rapide 7 - 9 February Open for bookings
Revised GRAND BELGIAN 19 - 23 February Open for bookings
BENE Rapide 5 - 8 March Open for bookings
BAYERN 21 - 29 March Open for bookings
FOUR NATIONS 1 - 5 April Open for Bookings
NORMANDIE Rapide 24 - 26 April Open for Bookings

Further details of these below Tours can be found at the back of the EARLY TOURS 2020 BROCHURE in the link above.

Tour Dates Information
BRATISLAVA Trambulator 6 - 7 May Open for Bookings
BRATISLAVA Flyer 7 - 10 May Open for Bookings
‘Kosican Crusador’ Rail Tour 9 - 17 May Open for Bookings
Poland Railtour 20 - 28 June For Information Only at this stage
Thuringen & Sachsen 11 - 19 July For Information Only at this stage
LUXEMBOURG Rapide 7 - 10 August For Information Only at this stage
Vienna Flyer 4 - 7 September For Information Only at this stage
AUSTRIAN Railtour 5 - 14 September For Information Only at this stage
North East Germany 22 - 29 September For Information Only at this stage
BUDAPEST Flyer 9 - 12 October For Information Only at this stage
HUNGARIAN Railtour 11 - 17 October For Information Only at this stage
BELGIAN Rapide 6 - 8 November For Information Only at this stage