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For many years STARS have been at the forefront of providing tours for Rail Enthusiasts all over the UK and Europe and beyond, and in that time, we have developed such a range that no other organization can match us for variety. We offer tours of one to nine days duration, travelling by road, rail, sea and air, all with one purpose to ensure that the enthusiast, whatever his/her interest in the hobby, derives maximum enjoyment.


STARS tours are packed with like-minded people who are out for fun and enjoyment from each event, which makes for a warm atmosphere, where newcomers are very quickly welcomed, with the same enthusiasm as the established regulars and accepted. Do join us for one or more tours, it is a decision you will not regret and we look forward to the pleasure of your company. If you are a regular, we look forward to renewing your acquaintance. We offer an extensive publication and stock listing service for our members and a great selection of photographs and access to our Members-only Area site. So, if you are not already a member - please join up now from only 10 a year!


Chairman: Adrian Norton; Secretary: Gary Jones; Treasurer: Anita Norton; Assistant Secretary: Adam Daniels


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office@stars-tours.org.uk - for all general enquiries regarding the Society

web@stars-tours.org.uk - for all web enquiries

magazine@stars-tours.org.uk - for all STARS magazine enquiries

All emails sent to us will be auto-acknowledged and will normally be replied to within 3 days if an answer is required.


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